The Qweb certification is a service for B2C, B2B ; G2B and G2C environments. This means that Qweb is suitable for any on-line transaction companies may carry out with either other companies or customers and Governments may carry out with companies or citizens.

Qweb grants the following benefits:

  The e-business and e-commerce activities conform to the highest standards
  With a mouse click the certification is validated and information is given about the company,
  the certification body and the activity which is carried on. This validation is secure and
  Priority is given to customer's expectations
  The e-business and e-commerce activities are secure, reliable and customer friendly
  The on-line companies can rely upon the customer's confidence as a competitive advantage
   The site is reliable and legally registered
   The e-business and e-commerce services are of the best quality
    The selling conditions and delivery terms are clear and true
   Security and privacy are applied for the treatment of personal and financial data
   Customer's complaints are taken into consideration and an out of court settlement  of disputes service is available on-line


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