Qweb frequently asked questions

What is e-commerce?
E-commerce, which is often referred to as e-business, can be defined as any kind of transaction aimed at selling or purchasing goods and or services, in which the parts interact electronically rather than through a physical or direct contact. E-commerce includes provision of goods, services, information by use of any kind of web site.
Which websites and organisations are suitable for certification?
Potentially, any website and any organisation managing an e-commerce activity can be certified. There are no restrictions on the suitability of web sites or organisations, since certification can be granted regardless of the size of the organisation, the visibility of the web site or its dimensions.
Which procedures have to be followed to be certified?
Any organisation managing a website and wishing to apply for the Qweb certification may start by performing a self check using the Qweb check list for the front office (web site) and back office (e-business process). See Qweb scheme and check lists.
In order to obtain the Qweb certification, contact the Qweb project manager of one of the certification bodies, ask or a quotation and send the application form.
The certification procedure will start within a few days from the receipt of the request and will involve audits on the web site and the organisation premises whose extension and content varies according to the complexity of the website and the organisation.
What is on-line mediation?
Online mediation identifies a friendly arbitration of disputes between supplier and customer. Mediation is carried out according to the law provisions and to the principles of independence, transparency, lawfulness, freedom of the parties and representative rights.
This service is made available by the European network of Arbitration Chambers in the framework of the "on-line confidence" EU funded project.
How much does the certification and release of the Qweb certification cost?
The fees for the release and maintenance of the Qweb certification are based on the amount of mandays needed to perform all the checks. They may vary with the dimension of the organisation, the complexity of the e-business process, the type of goods or services offered on-line and the length and complexity of the web site. Fees may be different in different Countries but are compliant with the indication of the IQNet central secretariat. A specific estimate shall always be requested to the chosen certification body.
What is the validity period and frequency of controls in the Qweb certification schemes

Validity Period

1 year with automatic extension

Web (front office) audits

Every three of four months

On-site (back office) audits

Once per  year


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